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I am Mary Jane Brigger, Women’s Sacred Empowerment and Intuition Development Consultant, Reiki Master and Owner of Career Path Success, LLC. Within my  35 year career both in corporate and small business, I  found that many of my clients and employees were women seeking an empowering path of self discovery with a deep desire to live more authentic and purposeful lives. However, I found many became lost on this pathway through a shared, disempowering belief about themselves:

Women Were Only Living Up To Their Lowest Expectations and Potential

Many women have become disempowered throughout their lives due to limited belief and value systems they have about themselves. This often comes from many sources including upbringing, religious influence, difficult relationships, chronic illness and poor life choices. Many develop lower expectations of themselves through the crisis of job loss and career missteps which can lead to poor self management due to unresolved grief and anger.

A key element of living an authentic and purposeful life is the awakened alignment to whatever one calls their Greatest Power, Inner Being, Spirit or Authentic Self. This powerful, awakening connection to personal empowerment begins when one makes the conscious decision to go within themselves to find the answers they seek.

Personal Empowerment Creates Leaders and Changemakers

At Career Path Success, we embrace the sacred wisdom that says “ Be the Change You Wish To See In the World. “  To become the leaders and changemakers within the world or one’s personal environment, we must first become leaders and changemakers within our own lives. This is achieved through personal empowerment and transformation with conscious awareness of our greatest potential.  Women become empowered as leaders and changemakers, both within their lives, careers and the world,  when they feel safe, authentic, whole and confident in themselves.  

When Women Stand in their True Authenticity and Express Their Voice with Power, Purpose, and Intuitive Wisdom, They Become the Change and Leaders We Are Seeking in the World Today

Becoming the Women We Were Born To Be

Women are awakening to their Sacred Feminine Energy, to their True and Sacred Potential, as they Become the Women They Were Born To BE.” When women are able to live and express their lives authentically with power and purpose, they become the Emerging Heart Centered Leaders, Changemakers, Wisdom Teachers and Wayshowers for Peace, Oneness, Compassion and Loving Kindness to ourselves, each other and all living things. 

A Blending of Sacred Wisdom and Modern Thought

At Career Path Success, our services provide conscious awakening that empowers and inspires women to live up to their highest expectations and potential for greater success, personal leadership and meaning within their daily lives and careers. Conscious awakening provides the transformation and empowerment needed to become effective leaders and changemakers.  We achieve this empowering conscious awakening by blending the practices of ancient wisdom and modern day thought psychology. This integration of ancient and modern wisdom awakens self awareness with greater clarity to reaching one’s highest potential in career, leadership and personal success.

Identifying and Releasing Life Wounds That Block Authenticity and Empowerment

We will assist and guide you in identifying and releasing wounded life stories embedded within the body that may be causing emotional stress, chronic/pain illness, and spiritual wandering. These embedded body stories with their associated disempowering symptoms often block women from reaching their greatest potential and living an authentic life with purpose.

Women cannot be a force of leadership or change when disempowered by old, embedded body stories that do not serve their highest good and purpose.

The Benefits, Impact and Power
Our Conscious Empowerment Services

Our variety of conscious empowerment services are designed to help you achieve greater career, leadership and personal success by blending ancient spiritual wisdom with modern day thought.

We achieve this by helping you understand the benefits, impact, and power of :  

  • Discovering, understanding and embracing the power of the Sacred Feminine Energy within us.
  • The power of living Authentically and standing in your own Personal Power.
  • Living up to your highest expectations and potential.
  • Understanding and implementing the Natural Law of Attraction for manifesting change with career and life success.
  • Recognizing the power and connection of a Greater Source or Spirit within and its influence on all aspects of our lives.
  • Fully understanding the power of our intuition as more than a psychic skill, but as a life skill, in achieving positive change, leadership and success in our careers, lives, and relationships.
  • Recognizing and understanding the impact of being an Empath, or Highly Sensitive Person,  with the tools to understanding how to live with and use empathic energy for personal and professional success.
  • Using the power of meditation for relaxing the mind and body from stress as it awakens the soul with spiritual transformation.
  • Teaching you how to create greater success by integrating ancient wisdom and modern thought psychologies into our careers, workplace, and personal lives.

Our heart centered empowerment services will give you greater clarity and self awareness in achieving personal leadership and career success!

Our Commitment

Career Path Success,LLC  is committed to guiding women through the many challenges they face in feeling empowered, authentic and living on purpose.

We believe the Awakening of a Women’s True Potential is the Bridge to Creating Effective Leadership and Change That Includes Career and Personal Success!

Our Services

Check out our menu of heart centered empowerment services that include:

  • Personal Intuitive Empowerment Sessions by Phone or In Person
  • Personal Customized Retreats at The Healing Cottage
  • Sacred Empowerment Circles for Women
  • Group Conscious Empowerment Retreats and Workshops
  • Online Courses and Retreats
  • Reiki Empowering Experiences
  • Customized Empowering Reiki Training for Personal Practice and Groups
  • Customized Mindful Meditation Experiences for Personal Practice or Groups.  
  • Speakers Bureau for Professional and Customized Presentations on Conscious Women’s Empowerment, Intuition, Women Empaths, Law of Attraction and More!

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