What Is Reiki?

What Is Reiki?

Reiki comes from the Japanese which means Universal Life Energy, or the God Energy, that is channeled through the hands of an attuned Reiki Practitioner. The Japanese resurrected this ancient healing method in the early part of the 20th Century after being hidden for thousands of years within the Himalayan monasteries. Many believe this was the hands-on healing Jesus provided during his ministry since it has been documented in ancient texts that he studied with the Himalayan monks  during what is called his “Lost Years.”

Reiki energy views the body, mind, spirit, and soul as interdependent systems to promote holistic healing. It goes right to the area that needs healing that may be causing energy blocks to total physical, emotional and spiritual well being.

Reiki is becoming a recognized as an effective healing modality associated with energy bodywork for its calming energy upon the body. It is also being recognized in the medical community as complementing medical therapies and treatments and utilized in major hospitals across the world.

Healing Touch and Energy

The universe is made up and connected by energy. Reiki channels or transmits the healing energy of the Universe, or God, through the Reiki Practitioner‘s hands to the client or animal.

This is called Reiki Gentle Healing Touch.”

Human touch can be a source of warmth, serenity, and healing that is brought forth from caring and love. Animals and humans radiate this warmth and energy which is the Universal Life Force of God’s Healing Grace and Love.

An Ancient Sacred Tradition

The laying on of hands is an ancient sacred tradition of healing and holds no dogma. The Universal Life Source is just that, universal. It covers all sources of faith that bears the name of its Higher Source of Being. This includes Christianity, Judaism, Muslim, Buddhism and more. Reiki is the healing energy of love and compassion to All who seek to overcome stress and pain within their mind, body, and souls.

How Is Reiki Provided?

Reiki continues the ancient tradition of “the laying on of hands” which is provided in a quiet setting, called ” Creating Sacred Space.” Within this quiet, sacred space, a massage table is used for the client to relax on to the peaceful sounds of birds, nature and meditative music. Reiki does not require the removal of clothing which makes it even more comfortable for the client. Many clients go into a deep, meditative state of relaxation of mind, body, and soul once Reiki begins.

The Beneficial Effects of Reiki Gentle Healing Touch

After a brief meditation, the Reiki Practitioner will ask the client’s permission to begin the laying on of hands. After permission is received, the Reiki Practitioner will begin the gentle touch of the laying on of hands either upon the body or hovering over it.

With Reiki, Angels and Spirit Guides will be called upon for assistance and guidance.
Clients often report experiencing a deep, sacred Presence that may include feeling a ” Second Pair of Hands” upon their body along with the Reiki Practitioner. Others report experiencing the Presence of Angels, Spirit Guides and Passed Over Loved Ones.

The client will begin to feel a peaceful serenity and quietly yield to the warmth and love of Reiki healing touch. A full Reiki session is normally one hour or longer. After this beautiful healing touch session is complete, clients report a very peaceful, relaxed feeling.

Many notice that the effects of Reiki carry over into their lives after their gentle healing touch sessions. The reason is that Reiki continues its healing touch days and weeks after one session.

Many come back for regular Reiki sessions for the peace, love, healing and spiritual awakening it brings to their lives while increasing the effects of stress management and relief in their lives.

Reiki is highly recommended to healthcare providers and volunteers who may be experiencing burnout or compassion fatigue.

The Benefits of Reiki  Include:

  1. Relief from stress and anxiety.
  2. A sacred time and space created just for YOU! No cell phones, no kids, no bosses, no one to disturb the peace and quiet of Reiki Healing Touch.
  3. A gentle way for spiritual soul-seekers to experience the awakening and awareness of their Spirit and True Self.
  4. Reiki can provide personal and spiritual comfort and insight to those experiencing life crisis and transitions such as grief from personal illness, job loss or the passing on of a loved one.
  5. Provides soulful comfort to those suffering from chronic and/or emotional illness or end of life issues.

Reiki Provides Stress Relief

Reiki energy targets the body’s energy centers to help identify and release stress and repressed stories of emotional wounding held within us. As the body relaxes, it calms the mind. As the mind calms, the spirit reconnects back to the mind and body to encourage total well being. Reiki is holistic in that it balances the mind, body, and soul.

The medical community recognizes stress as the trigger for chronic illness, pain, and disease. Reiki energy builds upon itself with many seeking regular treatments as they would a massage to manage their stress and to manage pain.

Reiki As a Personal Spiritual Practice

Reiki is a simple and powerful personal spiritual practice. Reiki is a form of meditation and self care that promotes deep spiritual awakening, self awareness and inner peace. The gentle touch of Reiki can be used upon oneself which is called Self Reiki. This is the same as providing Reiki to another person except you are applying it to yourself.

Reiki is a personal meditation practice that enhances the flow of the God, or Universal Life Force Energy through the body. Many who are Reiki practitioners only use it as a personal, spiritual practice limited to pets and family. It is a powerful way to develop a deeper, more profound connection to your Spirit while promoting personal inner healing.

Reiki As a Personal Spiritual Practice

  • Dissipates Anger
  • Soothes Away Worries
  • Evokes a Heartfelt Sense of Gratitude
  • Inspires To Be and Do Our Very Best
  • Engenders the State of Lovingkindness
    – James Deacon

Reiki Promotes Career Success and Purpose

The peaceful energy of bringing Reiki into your life is a powerful way to create discernment, clarity, and direction in advancing your career while discovering your life purpose within your current career or that of a new one.

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Qualifications of a Reiki Practitioner

Reiki practitioners must achieve two levels of Reiki training in order to provide Reiki to individual people. A third and fourth level is also offered after completion of Levels One and Two if one wishes to obtain the level of Reiki Master or Reiki/Master Teacher.

Reiki is unique because within its training is the process of becoming attuned or aligned to its high, vibrational energy. Reiki training provides the methods and means of integrating and directing this power energy to bring it into balance with the mind, body and spirit.

Reiki is holistic and offered in three levels which relate to the four bodies that make up who we are. These four bodies are:

  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Mental
  • Spiritual

Reiki training is provided in the following order:

  1. Reiki Level I which addresses the physical body
  2. Reiki Level II which addresses the emotional and mental body
  3. Reiki Master which addresses the Spiritual Body or Enlightenment

Each are provided as individual one or two-day training sessions but can vary according to the depth of Reiki training you wish to pursue. There are many advanced courses of Reiki training after one has completed the traditional Reiki training with many advancing to studying different alternative and spiritual healing methodologies.

Serious Reiki Masters seek deeper states of well being and spiritual connection. This is often the mystic path of enlightenment and requires more in-depth study, experience and commitment. Many have become highly intuitive due to their Reiki training with many advancing to medical intuition and greater degrees of spiritual advancement.

Reiki Masters also pursue the art of using sacred tools such as crystals and essential oils to enhance and promote higher levels of spiritual connection and healing.

When one becomes Reiki energy, you are the perpetual student seeking deeper enlightenment and union within one’s Spirit.

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