Intuitive Power Sessions

Intuitive Power Sessions

Conscious Empowerment for Personal Leadership and Career Success

Awakening and Aligning To the Power of YOU! 

Women are experiencing a conscious awakening that is intuitively guiding them to seek alternative ways to address their professional and personal needs. They are becoming more awakened to the power of their Intuition yet are confused as to what it actually is and how it works due to outdated belief systems regarding it. Intuition is the gift of inner knowing, that gut feeling you experience when confronted with the need for direction and guidance in life.

Your Inner Guidance System To Your Authentic Self, the Powerhouse of Your Intuition

 Intuitive Power Sessions will teach you how to recognize and tap into the gift of the Inner Guidance System of Your Authentic Self the powerhouse of your Intuition.  Within these Intuitive Power Sessions, you will receive the keys to unlocking the Inner Guidance System of Your Authentic Self, with core action steps to help bring greater understanding and connection to the power of your Intuitive Self. Conscious Intuitive Power Sessions also provides guidance and teaching on how to address and clarify a stressful and disempowering issue that may be preventing you from experiencing a successful and meaningful career.

Disempowerment prevents one from effectively leading and transforming their life which has a tremendous impact on one’s career and personal life.

Stressed for Success

With busy schedules and deadlines, the stress of career, relationships, and workplace issues are difficult to address in our day to day lives. Often, we are seeking answers and solutions to issues we cannot find clarity on due to the extreme stress we may be experiencing professionally, personally and spiritually.

Physical and Emotional Side Effects of Stress

Stress shifts our emotions into overdrive causing indecisiveness, anger, and frustration which can result in the physical side effects of headaches, brain fog, stomach aches and anxiety to name just a few. Stress can contribute to chronic illness and disease due to the mind and body unable to rest and de-stress.

Stress Disconnects Us From the Power of Our Intuition and Authentic Self

When our minds become full of the constant chatter of fear based emotions of anxiety and stress, we become disconnected from the Inner Guidance System of our Authentic Self which powers our Intuition. Our Inner Guidance System daily attempts to flows its wisdom and direction to us 24/7. Stressed out minds block the flow of inner wisdom from the Inner Guidance System of Our Authentic Self which can increase conflict and poor decision making.

Tapping Into Intuitive, Clarifying Solutions

 Intuitive Power Sessions are one hour, integrative, intuitive phone sessions where you begin to align and awaken to the power of your  Authentic Self  Inner Guidance System for clarification and direction on issues which may be disempowering you within your life and career. As this personal energetic alignment begins with your Authentic Self, your Intuition will awaken to guide you with clarifying and empowering solutions to your personal disempowerment within your life and career. As you awaken and align with the energy of your Intuition, you will learn valuable steps on how to tap into your own Intuition for daily guidance and direction.

Rising To Our Lowest Expectations

Our disempowerment comes from being and living in a state of fear that is the result of trauma, early childhood wounding, poor relationships, job loss, grief, chronic illness and more.

We rise to our lowest expectations when we live in the fear of our personal low self-esteem and confidence

 Intuitive Power Sessions teaches you to identify, connect, and align with the powerful energy of your Authentic Self within you. It is this powerful connection within where we receive our intuitive guidance and directions. As we work together tapping into your Inner Guidance System, you will begin to recognize and trust your own intuition in finding solutions to problems within your career and personal life.

 Intuitive Power Sessions  are not psychic or mediumship readings

Intuitive Power Sessions Is the Bridge To Trusting Your Own Intuition

A traditional psychic or mediumship reading is the receiving of guided messages from the Afterlife or Spirits through a trained Intuitive.  Intuitive Power Sessions is about experiencing the power of connecting to the Inner Guidance System of Your Authentic Self, which is whatever you call your Highest Power. Intuitive Power Sessions teaches you to recognize and tap into your own Intuition for personal daily guidance.

Wanting Answers Not Just Solutions

As a Reiki Master, I have been providing intuitive readings for several years through private sessions within my  Empowered Reiki Experiences and personal retreats here at The Healing Cottage.  Conscious Intuitive Power Sessions is an outcome of these many spiritual readings and Reiki Experiences that also includes my own intuitive training with personal, profound meditations.

I began to recognize that many people receiving these beloved messages of spiritual guidance only wanted to hear answers or outcomes to their problems without doing the valuable steps or personal work associated with solving them. If they didn’t hear an answer they wanted to hear, they would go from psychic to psychic ( now called Intuitive) until one gave them an answer they wanted to hear. Which, frankly, seldom happens.

Intuitive Clarity Which Leads To Clear Guidance

Spirit readings or messages are meant only for direct guidance and not absolute answers or future prophecy. It was through my own work as an Intuitive, as well as receiving spiritual messages from my own personal Intuitive, that I developed a deep respect for this work.  Receiving messages from our Intuition is meant to give you Clarity to a situation rather than a direct solution to a problem. It was through this clarity that I discovered the key steps to solving or understanding my personal issues which helped guide me in achieving increasing success in my professional, personal and spiritual life.

Learning To Embrace and Trust the Power of Your Intuition

Through my Empowering Reiki Experiences and Retreats, I discovered that many of my clients were seeking to trust their own intuition and understand it more fully. Many were receiving intuitive guidance messages with the lack of understanding or belief system to accept, interpret or trust them. Many recognized that the intuitive guidance they received required them to make positive life changes and mind shifting in order to attract the opportunities for professional and personal success.

When clients learned to trust and tap into their own Intuition, they began aligning with and connecting to the energy of their Authentic Self and Voice. 

As my clients became attuned and aligned to their Intuition they began asking for greater clarity and simple tools they could use every day to develop a deeper connection and communication with their Intuition.

Working Together As a Spiritual Team

Besides receiving messages flowing from intuition,  Intuitive Power Sessions also teaches the client how to trust their own intuition for daily personal guidance messages. We see the client as the vital core of their personal Intuitive Power Team which at this moment includes me and their own awakening Intuition. We work together to give clarity to the messages coming through your Intuition as well as well as providing the tools and the necessary key steps required for resolving their particular issues.

Simple Easy To Use Tools Become Road Maps to Success

After each phone in session, the client will receive a recording of their session as well as documentation of the tools determined within the session they can easily incorporate into daily personal and career life. These recordings and simple tools eventually become road maps or pathways directing you on the path you seek with the clarity and tools you need to arrive at your career success destination.

The Power of the Law of Attraction


How To Successfully Use It

Within your Intuitive Power Sessions, you will also learn about the Natural Law of Attraction and how to use it with your awakened Intuition. The Law of Attraction states that whatever we put our thoughts and emotional energy in will manifest what we are thinking. Meaning, our thoughts, and the emotions behind our desires create the life we are seeking. Meaning, if you are focused on lack in your life, you will continue to attract the energy of lack in your life. If you are focused on the abundance within your life, you will draw abundance to you.

Besides learning to tap into your own Intuition, Intuitive Power Sessions will teach you how to use your Inner Guidance System to ignite the power of The Law of Attraction within your life. 

How Are Intuitive Power Sessions Provided?

Intuitive Power Sessions are one hour sessions provided by phone within the convenience of your home or personal space. Each Personal Intuitive Power Session is designed to address issues that are causing stress and problems within your life or career.

Each  Intuitive Power Sessions follows this flow:

  • A personal meditation to relax the mind and body as we center in on connecting with the Inner Guidance of your Authentic Self.
  • Within this personal meditation, I will be providing Distance Reiki Energy to bring calm to the mind, body, and soul to a peaceful balance in order for us both to connect and merge with your Authentic Self.
  • You will be asked to state a specific intention to activate the Inner Guidance of your Authentic Self with clarity and clear direction.
  • As you state your intention, I will be tapping into the energy of your Inner Guidance to raise the frequency of the vibration of energy that is flowing through.
  • You will be gently encouraged to listen deeply to the information that will begin to flow through you. Within this deep listening, you will be actively empowering the Inner Guidance of your  Intuition.
  • If resistance or negative thoughts come to you, I will send Calming Distance Reiki to release the energy blocks or wounded stories that are preventing your Intuition from coming through.
  • As your Personal Intuitive Power Session unfolds, we will ask for the tools that will help you to find clarity and direction in your intention.
  • As the hour comes to a close, we will recap the information received and close with a prayer of Heartfelt Gratitude.
  • Each session is recorded and emailed with a brief outline of any tools that the Inner Guidance of Your  Intuition brought forward in order to bring deeper attunement to your Authentic Self and clarity to your intention.
  • Email support is provided between  Intuitive Power Guidance Sessions and more is provided for all Sessions Packages.

What Are the Benefits of  Intuitive Power Sessions?

  • You will experience a deeper connection and clarity with your Inner Guidance or Empowered Authentic Self.
  • We will meet with the energy of where you are now, not on your past or future. The Quality of Your Now Creates Your Future!
  • Within your Intuitive Power Sessions,  you will begin to recognize and take action on your specific intention while gaining greater confidence in tapping into and interpret your own intuitive guidance.
  • Greater clarity is received when one begins with 1-2 issues surrounding your intention and not the whole problem
  • You will become familiar with, trust and immediately begin the steps of utilizing The Law of Attraction into your daily life for manifesting your needs and desires.
  • All sessions are confidential!

Intuitive Power Sessions is a key building block to bridging the Inner Guidance of your Authentic Self with increasing personal leadership skills and abilities for career success! 

Intuitive Power Sessions

Career Path Success is offering these Intuitive  Power Sessions as Three or Six Session Packages:

  • Three Conscious Intuitive Power Sessions which includes weekly email support and follow up.
  • Six  Conscious Intuitive Power Sessions which includes weekly email support and follow up.

Conscious Empowerment for Personal Leadership and Career Success

Intuitive Power Sessions Sessions Package

  • One Hour Phone-In Session with Confidential Phone Number and Access Code
  • Each Intuitive Guidance Session is recorded and emailed to you within 24 hours after the call.
  • Email of documented takeaways, tools and steps offered during Intuitive Power Sessions to have handy for your everyday use and clarification.
  • One weekly email follow up and support between Intuitive Power Sessions.

Note: The Three and Six Sessions  Intuitive Power Sessions are designed only as weekly consecutive sessions spread out over whichever Sessions package you purchase to properly uncover and find solutions to your career and personal distress.

Three Weekly Phone In Intuitive Power Sessions


Six Weekly Phone In Intuitive Power Sessions


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