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Empowering Reiki  Soul Awakening Experiences

Our Empowering Reiki Soul Awakening Experiences are provided at The Healing Cottage in a sacred space that is created especially for you within surrounded by wooded views of Mother Nature. Soft, relaxing music plays in the background as the gentle flickering of lighted candles provides a peaceful and spiritual ambiance that encourages the release of tension and calmly promotes healing of the mind, body, and soul.

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We offer two different services for you to choose from to bring balance, peace, inner healing and well being to your mind, body, and soul.

  1. Empowering Reiki Soul Awakening Experience
  2. Awakening To The Power of YOU Personal Mini Retreat

Empowering Reiki Soul Awakening Experience
Beginning the Journey of Authenticity, Purpose, and Wholeness

Empowering  Reiki Energy is a soul awakening experience of peaceful inner healing which promotes a deeper, more profound union with your Spirit. It is within this mystical union that many begin the discovery of their Authentic Self and greater purpose in life. As the soul awakens within your Empowering Reiki Experience, the body to relaxes into deeper states of peace while calming the constant chatter of the mind. This an intense and mystical experience that begins the Journey of Authenticity, Purpose, and Wholeness.

Empowering Reiki Soul Awakening Experience
Provides the Pathway to Deeper Spiritual Connection, Empowerment & Inner Healing
90 Minutes

Full body energy alignment of mind and spirit with chakra /aura field grounding, balancing and clearing.

Activates Deep Energy Codes Within the Body for Greater Intuition and Spiritual Alignment

  • Brings deep relaxation down to the cellular level to promote peace and balance to the mind, body, and soul.  
  • Provides awakening souls with deeper, more profound connection to their Spirit
  • Relaxation brings balance, peace, and harmony to promote wellbeing in mind, body, and soul.
  • Intuitively targeting and releasing blocked energy centers within the body.
  • Provides a mystical path to begin to fully awaken the soul to one’s Spirit and Life Purpose.  
  • Connecting to and calling in Spiritual Guides, Healing Angels, and Archangels for personal guidance and direction.
  • Promotes a mystical, more profound connection to one’s Spirit for personal guidance and awakening.
  • Essential oils and crystals to anoint and raise the energetic vibration for increased soul awakening, relaxation, releasing and spiritual connection in peace and harmony.
  • Anchors the Energy of Love within the body to promote inner healing, compassion, forgiveness, clarity, grace, intuition and a Loving Presence.
  • Personal Spirit Messages for Career and Life Guidance.

Awakening To the Power of YOU Personal Mini Retreat

A Customized, Personal, One on One Mini-Retreat For Greater Intuition, Deeper Spiritual Connection and Guided Direction Within Your Life and Career

3 Hours

Highly Recommend Best Value


 Empowering Reiki  Awakening Experience.

This personal, one on one experience is presented as a customized mini retreat to guide and awaken to the Energy of your Inner Power, the Power of YOU. Within your personal, customized mini retreat, you will learn the hands-on basics of how to meditate for relaxation and spiritual connection, tools to de-stress the mind and body followed by a personal meditation session customized just for you. Awaken to the power of your Intuition with guidance on how to access your Inner Power for greater clarity and direction in life. Included in your customized, personal mini-retreat is the Empowering Reiki Soul Awakening Experience for a mystical experience of profound alignment with your Inner Power and Intuition.

What You Will Receive In Your Personal Mini-Retreat

  • A customized retreat created for your personal needs and intentions.
  • Learn the basics of meditation and centering prayer to create a stronger connection with your  Inner Power
  • Receive easy to use tips and tools to help you release stress and bring calm to your mind, body, and soul.
  • Steps to access your Intuition for personal direction and clarity from your Inner Power.
  • Begin the basics of The Law of Attraction to bring greater abundance within all areas of your life.
  • Experience the peace of a guided meditation customized just for you to connect and align your energy with your Inner Power and Spirit Guides. 
  • Awaken your soul and intuition with the Empowering Reiki  Awakening Experience.
  • Gain better clarity on the direction of your life and career with a relaxed mind, body, and soul.
  • You will learn and embrace the simple tools and tips to bring greater peace, harmony, clarity, and balance in your life.  

 After completion of your Personal Awakening To The Power of YOU Mini Retreat, you will experience a calm and relaxed state of mind empowered by a more profound Inner Power alignment with enhanced Intuitive skills to bring more clarity to your life. 

The Power of YOU Awaits To Bring Your Greater Success in your Career and Personal Life! 


The Healing Cottage

All of our Empowering Reiki  Awakening Experiences and Retreats are held at The Healing Cottage in the rural, quiet countryside of West Salem, Ohio. Surrounded by woods, The Healing Cottage is perched on a hillside with floor to ceiling windows that look directly into tall trees with a wandering creek flowing between them. There is a peaceful energy that is within and surrounds The Healing Cottage which many call magical which keeps clients returning again and again for their Reiki Sacred Energy Experiences and Retreats.

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Our Location

The Healing Cottage

West Salem, Ohio

Located Minutes of I-71 at the Lodi/Wooster/ Lodi Outlet Mall Exit

45-50 minutes from Greater Cleveland/Akron Area

20 Minutes from Medina, Wadsworth, Wooster, Ohio

20-30 minutes from Ashland and Mansfield Area)

( The Healing Cottage is located on residential property. The address will be given upon scheduling your Empowering Reiki Awakening Experience or Retreat)

Free 15 Minute Phone Chat To See Which Empowering Reiki Awakening Experience is best for you! 

To Schedule Your Empowering Reiki Awakening Experience, Personal Retreat or Free 15 Minute Phone Chat Contact:

Mary Jane Brigger

Reiki Master/Teacher

[email protected]


Payment Policies

  • All fees must be paid prior to the appointment of any of our Empowering Reiki AwakeningExperience or Retreats.
  • Payment Due Upon Receipt
  • All Payments Are Processed Through Paypal.
  • You do not need a Paypal Account In Order To Send Payment
  • Appointments are only guaranteed upon receipt of payment.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Refunds are only issued under the following conditions:

  • Career Path Success has a No Refund Policy once the appointment and payment have been made.
  • Refunds are only issued if Career Path Success cancels your appointment for any reason.

Clients Cancelling Appointments

  • Clients who cancel scheduled, paid appointments will be rescheduled for a new appointment at their earliest convenience.

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